Blood Pipette Shaker

Blood Pipette Shaker
Blood Pipette Shaker
Blood Pipette Shaker PS-600T is an electric vibrator for blood diluting pipettes which provides an uniform mixing of the chemicals with blood to be tested due to its controlled agitation.
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• Blood pipette shakerPS-600T has a pipette holder made of stainless steel spring clips.

• PS-600T can provide continuous or timing operation (0-15min.)

• Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 13485

Model PS-600T
Capacity 6 pipettes
Switch 3 positions (ON/OFF/Timer 0-15 min.)
Speed 2,500rpm
Weight (N.W./G.W.) 1.8 / 2.2 Kgs
Overall dimension W150xD135xH160mm
Power Supply AC 110V 50/60Hz (220V 50/60Hz available)

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